Translation Services


We can translate your materials from and to the languages of your choosing. We specialize in English, Turkish and Arabic. We will ask you for either a sample or the full document/s. Once we have agreed on a deadline, all you have to do is relax and let us take it from there. We are masters of technical texts. Be it Law, Finance, Human Rights or Global Warming, ITS can do it for you. Keep in mind that we guarantee our quality. ITS is the only agency in the region which guarantees quality in translation. None of our competitors do the same.


Without prior extensive experience, this could become a nightmare even for the most dedicated coordinator in any given organization. We have the experience, the contacts and the track record that can help run your events and conferences smoothly. We will ask you for your requirements and needs. This includes information about your participants and any logistical requirements they may have. You do not need to spend days or even weeks going through this. We will do this for you from A to Z.


Globalization connected people on both the physical and virtual levels. However, the language barrier in those interactions is ever present. Finding qualified, certified and trustworthy interpreters is not easy to say the least. As you may well know already, interpreting, whether simultaneous or consecutive, involves far more skill than mere proficiency in two languages. Our database of top quality interpreters helps us ensure that globalized multilingual interaction runs smoothly and accurately.