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Important Aspects of Website Translation

Nowadays, your brand’s online persona means a lot in terms of marketing. This is why many brands localize and translate website and online services they offer. There are many aspects to take into consideration since your website is an essential asset in your digital marketing endeavor.

1. Specify What Your Targets Are

Depending on your marketing strategy, there are many variables to take into consideration before you make a deal with a translation agency to localize or translate website or online services you offer. How would you like to set your tone for the new market “X”? What would you like to tell them differently? What is their cultural structure, and what are their communicational norms? Answers to these questions will help you create an image of your targets, adapted into the new culture before your website is translated into the new language.

2. Revise Your Content As Per Your Target Audience's Culture

We all are human beings. We all have our differences. When it comes to cross-cultural communication, despite globalization, there might be a few things which are pretty normal in one culture, yet annoying for another. In order that your content is not offending to your visitors, you may consider some replacements or adaptations to make them compatible with your targets.

3. SEO: Is your language service aware of the challenges?

Here is what many of you have been looking for. You would like to translate your website; however, there is this SEO thing everybody has been talking about. Considering how Google searches are literally all over in our lives, you definitely want to go for the best keywords that meet your targets in the long run. Before the beginning of the translation process, make sure that you get the best local SEO search specific to that country. Make sure that your translation service is aware of your SEO targets. Alternatively, work with iTranslation Service, and get the best SEO advice and support along with translation & localization services.

4. Speak the Language of Your Target Audience Like One of Them.

Make sure that your on-page visitors can relate to your content as if viewing a local website. People are more likely to connect with brands if the content feels familiar to them. Before you move on to translate website or other online services you have, make sure that the process is handled by localization specialists like iTranslation Service, so that your message is translated into the target language with the right tone.

5. Do the Right Thing: Unleash the Marketing Genius in You!

All set? Now is the time to show your marketing skills, get some visitors on your page and make conversions! Put your best tactics in use, and grow your business in the best way!

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